Trash & Recycling


Effective January 1, 2020: New Trash & Recycling Schedule!

Click on the link below for Narberth-specific recycling guidelines.

Narberth Borough Recycling Guidelines

If you need a new lid or additional recycling bin, please submit a request with MyGov, our new online portal, by clicking here. It takes just a few seconds! Visit our My Gov Information page to get started today! Residents are encouraged to use our My Gov portal for faster service. We will still accept completed Work Order forms in person or dropped of in our lock box located on our Haverford Avenue side entrance.

Click on the link below for generic recycling information from Republic Services (Narberth’s trash and recycling contractor).

Republic Services Recycling Information 

Click on the link below for additional recycling services provided by Montgomery County.

Narberth 2022 Spring Cleaning Info (June 6-June 10)

Trash and Recycling Pickup Schedule

Trash is collected every Friday. If trash day falls on a major holiday, trash collection will be the next business day.

Single-stream recycling is collected every Thursday. If recycling day falls on a major holiday, recycling collection will be the next business day.

Brush and vegetation are collected every Wednesday. Leaves must be placed in brown paper leaf bags, available at hardware stores. Please note, Christmas trees can be put out for brush & yard waste.

Special collection of bulk items are picked-up every Friday during the trash collection. Every resident may put out one bulk item a week, free of charge. Click here for more information on how to dispose of your bulk item. Tires, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, electronics and other hazardous waste cannot be collected. For more information on how to recycle these items, please visit Montgomery County’s Recycling Website.

If you have any trash related issues, please do the following to get it resolved:

  • Start by contacting Republic at 610-265-6337;  You may be asked for an account number.  You should explain that you’re part of Narberth Borough’s municipal contract, or you’re welcome to try and provide this account number: 3-0324-9324018.
  • If Republic is unable to take your complaint, or fails to act on it in a timely manner, please contact the Borough office for support.  You’ll be asked to fill out a work order form which will then be followed up on.
  • The Borough will contact Republic on your behalf and will provide you with any information we receive from Republic.
  • If Republic then fails to address the concern, please contact the Borough office again to let us know.  We will then fine Republic based on our service contract.
  • If you experience recurring problems with trash service even if Republic addresses them (for example if you have to call for a missed pickup on a regular basis) please also let the Borough know.