Special Collection Request

Special collections of bulk items occur the 4th Tuesday of every month, and can be scheduled using the buttons below. Please note: payment via a credit card is required to use this service. When finished adding items from the list below, click/tap on the Shopping Cart icon to complete your purchase. Bulk items for collection must be brought to the curb or end of driveway by 8:00AM the day of collection. Borough employees are prohibited from entering private property to remove items.

Cash and check payments along with scheduling a special collection can be made in-person at the Borough Office located at 100 Conway Avenue.

Item Type Cost
Air Conditioner (Window) [x1] $25.00
Armchair / Recliner [x1] $20.00
Carpet (6′ lengths, rolled) [x4] $20.00
Clothes Dryer (Gas/Electric) [x1] $20.00
Dehumidifier [x1] $25.00
Desk [x1] $20.00
Desk Chair [x1] $20.00
Dishwasher [x1] $20.00
Freezer [x1] $25.00
Grill (without propane tank) [x1] $20.00
Hot Water Heater (Gas/Electric) [x1] $20.00
Mattress & Box Spring [x1] $20.00
Range (Gas/Electric) [x1] $20.00
Refrigerator [x1] $25.00
Scrap Metal $20.00
Scrap Wood $20.00
Sofa [x1] $20.00
Washing Machine [x1] $20.00