230 Haverford Proposed Development

Updated: December 1, 2023

The Borough has received applications for Preliminary/Final Land Development, Conditional Use and HARB approvals, regarding the property at 230 Haverford Ave. Below are the links to the applications, plans, project description and review schedule.

Location of Subdivision:
The tax parcels involved in the proposed lot consolidation and redevelopment are 12-00-01867-
01-1 (known as 230 Haverford Avenue), 12-00-01864-00-5 (known as 228 Haverford Avenue),
12-00-01867-02-9 (known as 234-250 Haverford Avenue), and 12-00-01867-00-2 (known as
258 Haverford Avenue). 12-00-01867-00-2 (258 Haverford Avenue) is hereinafter referred to as
the “Parking Lot Parcel”.

The above-referenced properties are controlled under common ownership. RIR Narberth
Investors LLC is the record owner of 230 Haverford Avenue and 234-250 Haverford Avenue.
RIR Narberth Investors LLC is the equitable owner of the Parking Lot Parcel pursuant to the
letter dated May 2, 2022 whereby RIR Narberth Investors LLC, as successor to Daniel K. Cook,
timely exercised its option to repurchase the Parking Lot Parcel under the Repurchase Option
Agreement dated June 20, 2001. 228 Haverford Avenue Investors LLC (an affiliate of RIR
Narberth Investors LLC) is the record owner of 228 Haverford Avenue. RIR Narberth Investors
LLC and 228 Haverford Avenue Investors LLC may hereinafter be referred to together as

For reference, RIR Narberth Investors LLC is the record owner of the adjacent properties located
at 12-00-1867-03-8 (also identified as 258 Haverford Avenue pursuant to Montgomery County
property assessment records) (hereinafter, the “Revivals Building”) and 12-00-01867-04-7 (36
N. Narberth Avenue) (hereinafter, the “Litte Gym Building”). The Revivals Building and Little
Gym Building are not proposed for demolition and redevelopment under this application. RIR
Narberth Investors LLC intends to convert the currently vacant Little Gym Building to an
Apartment Building with eight (8) total apartments as of right.

Approximate size of property:
Applicant proposes to consolidate 230 Haverford Avenue (5,290 sf), 228 Haverford Avenue
(3,640 sf), 234-250 Haverford Avenue (14,640 sf), and the Parking Lot Parcel (35,892 sf).
For reference, the Revivals Building parcel is 3,651 sf and the Little Gym Building parcel is
7,135 sf.

No. of lots:
Four (4) lots are involved in the consolidation and redevelopment as noted above.

Tentative Review Schedule:

  • Dec 4 – first Planning Commission meeting for recommendation on conditional use application / review of plan 
  • Dec 11 – HARB review
  • Dec 21 – conditional use hearing before Borough Council
  • Jan 3 – second Planning Commission meeting for plan review 
  • Jan 4 – Borough Council workshop meeting for plan presentation 
  • Jan 18 – Borough Council business meeting for plan vote

On Monday, March 13th, the Narberth Borough Planning Commission received a presentation from the owner of 230 Haverford regarding his thoughts on possible future development of the property. 

The Borough has not received any formal land development application from the developer since early 2020 (that application can be found here:  230 Haverford Tentative Sketch Plan – 12/18/2019).  Please note that the presentation was not on this prior plan, which has not been approved by the Borough, but represents another possible approach for development of the property.  This meeting was an opportunity for the public and the Borough Planning Commission to provide feedback to the developer for possible development ideas prior to the developer making any official application to the Borough. In addition, the Borough livestreamed the meeting via Zoom for additional public access. Links for the presentation and Planning Commission meeting recording can be found below.

As the Borough receives questions about this topic, we will do our best to answer frequently asked questions below based on the most accurate information we have at this time.  Otherwise, interested individuals are encouraged to attend or watch meetings of our Planning Commission and Borough Council as any formal submission goes through the legally mandated review process.

March 13, 2023 – Planning Commission Meeting

Link to Meeting Recording

230 Haverford Presentation – 3/13/2023

Previous 230 Haverford Tentative Sketch Plan – 12/18/2019

June 14, 2023 – Special Planning Commission Meeting

Report of the Narberth Planning Commission – 6/14/2023