Boards & Commissions


Narberth Borough Council is supported by several Boards & Commissions, comprised of borough residents who volunteer their time. Council makes all appointments to these Boards & Commissions, for the terms listed below. Link to Boards and Commissions Meetings

Board/Commission Name Term Length Members
Civil Service Commission 6 Years Cyndi Rickards
Robert Gage
Jen Prior
Michael Salmanson – Alternate
Civil Defense Commission Indefinite VACANT
Narberth Industrial Development Authority 5 Years Mitch Tabas
Mary Jane MacRae
James R. Nixon
Roberta Dunn
Amy Lempert
Narberth Planning Commission 4 Years Dave Brawer
James Cornwell
Todd Bressi
Miriam Shakow
Jim Speer
Heidi Boise
Police Pension Fund Trustees 5 Years R. Christopher Wiegand
Nicholas Wilkin
Roderick McGibbon
Actuary: Kimberly Moore, The Savitz Organization
Recreation Board 5 Years Melissa O’Connor
Maureen O’Leary
Angus Love
James McNulty
Kimberly Bezak
Linda O’Keefe
Jim Quinn
Shade Tree Commission 5 Years Frederick C. Hansell, Jr.
Bruce Hartman
Rick Tralies
Robert McGreevey
Vacancy Board 1 Year Ira Winston
Zoning Hearing Board 3 Years Mike Johnson
W. Joseph Duckworth
Michelle Paninopoulos
Catherine Skeen – Alternate