Narberth Police Department

Message from the Chief of Police

As your Chief of Police, one of my goals is to make sure that we continue to provide community-connected police service. In order to do exactly that, we have to have a department that is open, transparent and accessible to the public, which we so proudly serve.

Therefore, during my tenure, I have closely reviewed most, if not all, of our numerous policies. Some had to be completely revised, while others required only editing and formatting changes. I have even introduced new policies, such as No Bias Policing, and Preventing and Reporting Corruption.

I am pleased to announce that many of these revised or newly-introduced policies are now available. Please use the links below to access them. Additional policies will be posted as they are revised, edited or introduced.

The purpose of this project, which is still in progress, is to ensure that our policies are comprehensive and contemporary, and meet today’s current professional law enforcement standards. We are also consolidating what were once directives, general orders and memorandum into one centralized policy resource, entitled Narberth Police Directives.

On behalf of Mayor Andrea Deutsch and the Narberth Police Department, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Public Health & Safety Committee, as well as Sean Metrick, Borough Manager, Matt West, Assistant Borough Manager, and Officer Sean McCabe for all of their help with this project.

Thank you for supporting the Narberth Police Department.

John Gallagher

Chief of Police


Name Description Link
Directive 02 Use of Force PDF
Directive 13 Written Statements PDF
Directive 22 Foot Patrol PDF
Directive 25 Media Relations PDF
Directive 32 Abandoned Vehicles PDF
Directive 40 Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation PDF
Directive 43 No Bias Policing PDF
Directive 44 Parking Meter Collections PDF
Directive 55 Handicapped Parking PDF
Directive 56 Chain of Command PDF
Directive 57 Preventing and Reporting Corruption PDF
Directive 58 Bereavement and Funeral Leave PDF


The Narberth Police Department is currently staffed by one Chief of Police, five Police Officers, one Parking Controller, and three Crossing Guards.

Name Title Contact
John Gallagher Chief
Michael Vernacchio Sergeant
Matthew Belfi Officer
Daniel Dutton Officer
Kelly Lynn Officer
Sean McCabe Officer
Paul Frosch Parking Controller
Elyse Pearson Crossing Guard
Charles Bode Crossing Guard

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