Narberth Borough Fire Engine Donation

(From left) Narberth Fire Chief Fran Dixon, Narberth Mayor Andrea Deutsch, Bill Addis

The Borough of Narberth and the Narberth Fire Company are donating their 1982 Emergency One Pumper to the Cedarville Fire Company of Cedarville, Arkansas. This is a rural community which was in acute need of an engine but didn’t have the financial resources to buy a new truck. The engine that is being donated has faithfully served Narberth and the surrounding communities for more than 35 years and served at incidents from the Kiddie City blaze to the tragedy at Merion Elementary School. We wish the citizens of Cedarville well going forward and hope they get more years of protection from a fire engine that always did it’s duty for our residents and our community.
-Fran Dixon, Narberth Fire Chief