Parking Permit Applications and Visitor Registration

Live along a 2-hour parking zone?

Apply for Annual Residential Parking Permit

In person Parking Permits Requests have a $5.00 fee per vehicle. Please bring the following information:

  1. Vehicle registration card(s) for your vehicle(s) as proof of residency
  2. License plate state & number of your vehicle(s)
  3. Vehicle Make, Model, and Color

*Please Note* All red-colored permits will be valid until further notice. Only vehicles that are not currently permitted are required to apply

Register a Visitor

Residents along a 2-hour parking zone have the ability to register visitors. Residents have the option of registering their guest(s) for one day, one week (7 days), or one month (30 days). To register guests, residents must use one of the options below:

(1) REGISTER ONLINE (Available 24/7)

(2) Call the Borough at 610.664.2840 Ext. 101 (Available M-F 8-4)  Resident and visitor email & vehicle information is required.

(3) Visit the Borough at 100 Conway Avenue (Available M-F 8-4) Resident and visitor email & vehicle information is required.