Parking in Narberth is organized into three (3) types:

  • Metered Spaces | ParkMobile App
  • 2-Hour Parking Zones
    • Properties located directly along a 2-hour parking zone are eligible for parking permits.
    • Commercial properties are eligible for a limited number of parking permits. Per the Narberth Borough Code, owners or lessees of commercial buildings shall be restricted to a total of two parking permits for each full 22 linear feet of street frontage of the lot on which such commercial building is situated. Please contact the Borough office for more details.
    • Apply for Annual Parking Permit
  • Un-regulated
    • All other streets that are not metered or designated as 2-hour parking zones are available for any legal non-commercial vehicles.

** Parking of commercial vehicles on Borough streets, regardless of parking zone, is prohibited. Please refer to details defined in the Narberth Borough Code: Chapter 118 – Article I: Traffic and Parking