ReadyMontco – Be Alert, Be Informed

Narberth Borough will soon start using the emergency alert system from ReadyMontco to notify residents about road closures and time sensitive emergency situations.  Per Montgomery County:

Emergencies and disasters strike quickly and often without warning. They can disrupt our lives, force us to leave our homes, or even confine us for days without essential services like electricity, phones, or water. 

How ready are you and your family?

One of the first things you can do is sign up for our ReadyMontco notification system, powered by Everbridge. This program delivers alerts about severe weather and other important events in Montgomery County to the devices of your choice. Whether you prefer emails, text messages, push notifications, or even a good ol’ fashioned phone call – you decide the option that works for you!

There is no direct cost to sign up for ReadyMontco. However, there may be charges for certain features (like receiving text messages) so it’s best to double check with your service providers.

Feel free to share! The more people we have signed up, the more people we can keep informed!