Report an Issue


The Montgomery County Health Department enforces the County Public Health Code within the Borough.  If a health-related issue is observed in the Borough, please contact the Montgomery County Health Department branch office in Norristown at 610.278.5117 and ask for the Environmental Field Services Complaint Coordinator.

For details regarding what is a health-related issue, please review the County’s Public Health Code here:

Other report-able non-health-related issues observed in the Borough can be submitted to the Borough office by following one of the steps below. 

  1. Submit a request online using our new My Gov portal! Visit our My Gov Information page for details on how to get started. Requests can be submitted anonymously, however, contact information must be submitted to view status updates. 
  2. Direct Request/Report Submission To MyGov
  3. Download the Work Order form from the Borough’s website, and complete the Personal Information and Issue sections. Submit the completed Work Order form in-person at Borough Hall between the hours of 8AM-4PM, M-F, or mail it to 100 Conway Avenue, Narberth, PA 19072. You may also drop off the form in the secure lockbox located outside of the Haverford Avenue entrance of Borough Hall.

Traffic Complaint Review Process Update #3 – Public Health and Safety Committee, July 14, 2022

  1. At least three different property owners need to submit a work order form in writing to the Borough detailing the traffic concern/complaint.
  2. Upon receipt of the written work order, Borough staff will provide this information to the Narberth Police Department and Public Works Department.  The Public Works Department will deploy traffic counting equipment to gather data about the volume and speed of traffic in the area.
  3. This data will be provided to the Public Health and Safety Committee and Narberth Police Department without any commentary or recommendations from the Narberth Police Department.  The Public Health and Safety Committee will then decide to either take no action, request enforcement action by the Narberth Police Department, and/or ask the Borough Traffic Engineer to design solutions for the complaint/concern.
  4. If the Borough Traffic Engineer is asked to assist, that individual will submit a recommendation to the Public Health and Safety Committee, who will then decide whether to implement one of the provided solutions or to take no action.
  5. If a solution is decided upon, the Borough Manager will be tasked with implementing the solution.
  6. If a similar complaint is received more than six months after implementation of the solution, or the Narberth Police Department does not feel the problem was adequately solved, the Borough Traffic Engineer will be asked to reassess and provide remediation options to the Public Health and Safety Committee.
  7. The Borough Administrative Office will inform the complainants of the progress of each step in this process, as well as any final decision/outcome.