This page provides the link to the MyGov Public Portal and information about getting started.

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What is MyGov?

MyGov is an online portal that improves the way people interact with the Borough and its services. MyGov can be used for any of the following:

  • Applying for Building Permits and Work Order Requests
  • Exploring What is Happening Throughout Town Using the Address Lookup Feature
  • Submitting Maintenance and Work Order Requests
  • Reporting Code Violations

How to Get Started

Request Manager:

  • Use Request Manager to submit maintenance requests, work orders, or to schedule development meetings.
  • No login is needed, just select your request item and fill out the fields.

Permits and Inspections:

  • Apply for all types of permits, planning cases, and request inspections. *Please note: an additional 3% credit card fee to all transactions.
  • Application forms must be uploaded to the portal. Applications that will require stamped plans will require two hard copies of the plans submitted to the Borough office prior to the review start date. *Please note: All applications that are waiting for hard copies will be placed on hold.
  • To use, create an account by using the Become a Collaborator link.

Credential Manager (Register as a Contractor with the Borough):

  • Contractors need to register for a credential in order to apply for a building permit.
  • The credential (contractor registration) allows the Borough to verify insurance and any required licensing.
  • To apply for a credential please click here. The required documents that will need to be submitted are the Contractor Registration, a copy of your PA Contractor Certificate, and a copy of your certificate of insurance with Narberth Borough, 100 Conway Ave, Narberth, PA 19072, listed as the certificate holder. Please contact your insurance agent for this form.
    • Annual Fees ($10 residential contractors or $110 commercial contractors) will also need to be paid to process the credential (contractor registration). Failure to apply for an annual credential will result in a delay in permit processing. Please contact for questions.

Need Help?

There are a variety of resources to help people get started:

  1. See the Knowledge Manager: Various topics are being uploaded to assist you.
  2. Once a collaborator account has been created, use MyGov University for general navigation and training videos. Access MyGov University though the icon that looks like the three blocks at the top right of the account screen.
  3. MyGov Guide – Request Tips
  4. Borough staff are available to help you navigate through the website. Please call 610-664-2840 for assistance.