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Welcome to Narberth Borough’s public safety information hub, where keeping you informed is our top priority. The Borough offers a range of communication tools to keep residents informed during emergencies and ensures that residents stay connected with the latest community updates.

Emergency Alerts:


This program delivers alerts about severe weather and other important events in Montgomery County to the devices of your choice. Whether you prefer emails, text messages, push notifications, or even a phone call – you decide the option that works for you! Click/tap on the image below to sign up.

Weekly Updates:

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Real-Time Support:

Facebook Community

Join our vibrant Facebook community for real-time updates, community support, and engagement. Connect with neighbors, share information, and be part of our online family.

Why sign up?

• Unified Communication: We use multiple channels to ensure you receive critical updates during emergencies.

• Rapid Response: Our tools are designed for swift communication, turning seconds into meaningful minutes.

• Your Safety, Your Responsibility: Take control of your safety by signing up for our comprehensive communication services.

How to Get Started:

  1. Click on the provided links to sign up for ReadyMontco, subscribe to the newsletter, and follow us on Facebook.
  2. Stay informed, stay connected, and be a vital part of our safe and thriving community.

Your safety matters. Sign up today!