EV Charging Stations

Narberth Borough offers its residents and visitors access to its Level 2 electrical vehicle charging stations, which are maintained and operated by Flo, and powered by the municipality’s 100% renewable energy provider. Electric vehicle owners can charge at these stations for an hourly fee of 0.15 cents per kWh.  

These spots are dedicated for electrical vehicle charging only between the hours of 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week. During those hours, all other vehicles parked in the spaces that aren’t charging will be subject to ticketing. Residents and visitors using these spaces will have a one hour grace period after finishing charging to move their car.


Downtown District: These stations offer visitors the ability to charge their vehicle while enjoying Narberth’s shops and restaurants. 

Borough Municipal Lot:
Convenient to Borough Hall, the Narberth Public Library, and Narberth Park, and within a short walk to the downtown business district, these stations serve visitors of these borough amenities.

Residential: Narberth residents that do not have dedicated parking spaces and lack the means to install their own private chargers, are provided with access to charging stations near their homes.

To see availability and for more information on how to use the chargers, please visit:

https://www.flo.com/flo-network/ or watch this video: