230 Haverford Ave Proposed Development

Updated: April 17, 2024

The Borough has received applications for Preliminary/Final Land Development, Conditional Use and HARB approvals, regarding the property at 230 Haverford Ave. As the Borough receives questions about this project, we will do our best to answer frequently asked questions based on the most accurate information we have at this time.

Below are the links to the most recent versions of the applications, plans, project description and review schedule. If you would like to view a former version, please e-mail the Assistant Manager, Alan Guzzardo, at aguzzardo@narberthpa.gov.

Tentative Review Schedule:

  • January 3 – first Planning Commission Meeting, presentation of proposal 
  • January 8 – first HARB meeting, presentation of proposal
  • February 5 – second Planning Commission meeting, focus on conditional use application
  • February 12 – second HARB meeting, focus on COA application
  • February 15 – first Borough Council Business Meeting, conditional use hearing
  • March 4 – third Planning Commission meeting, focus on preliminary/final plan application
  • March 21 – second Borough Council business meeting, presentation of proposal
  • *Updated* May 16 – third Borough Council Business Meeting, plan approval consideration

Interested individuals are encouraged to attend or watch meetings of our Planning Commission and Borough Council as any formal submission goes through the legally mandated review process. We will continue to update the schedule as needed.

Property/Address Information:

The tax parcels involved in the subject application are 12-00-01867-01-1 (known as 230 Haverford Avenue), 12-00-01864-00-5 (known as 228 Haverford Avenue), 12-00-01867-02-9 (known as 234-250 Haverford Avenue), and 12-00-01867-00-2 (known as 258 Haverford Avenue). 12-00-01867-00-2 (258 Haverford Avenue) is hereinafter referred to as the “Parking Lot Parcel”.

The above-referenced properties are currently controlled under common ownership. RIR Narberth Investors LLC is the record owner of 230 Haverford Avenue (acquired on February 11, 2020 pursuant to the instrument recorded at deed book 6172, page 01833) and 234-250 Haverford Avenue (acquired on February 11, 2020 pursuant to the instrument recorded at deed book 6172, page 01833). RIR Narberth Investors LLC is the equitable owner of the Parking Lot Parcel pursuant to that certain letter dated May 2, 2022 whereby RIR Narberth Investors LLC, as successor to Daniel K. Cook, timely exercised its option to repurchase the Parking Lot Parcel under the Repurchase Option Agreement dated June 20, 2001. 228 Haverford Avenue Investors LLC (an affiliate of RIR Narberth Investors LLC) is the record owner of 228 Haverford Avenue (acquired on May 30, 2023 pursuant to the instrument recorded at deed book 6329, page 00087). A copy of the May 2, 2022 letter is submitted herewith, along with the respective deeds into the properties under common ownership.

RIR Narberth Investors LLC and 228 Haverford Avenue Investors LLC are hereinafter referred to together as “Applicant.”

For reference, RIR Narberth Investors LLC is the record owner of the adjacent properties located at 12-00-1867-03-8 (also identified as 258 Haverford Avenue pursuant to Montgomery County property assessment records) (hereinafter, the “Revivals Building”) and 12-00-01867-04-7 (36 N. Narberth Avenue) (hereinafter, the “Little Gym Building”). The Revivals Building and Little Gym Building are not proposed for demolition and redevelopment under the companion land development application submitted herewith. RIR Narberth Investors LLC intends to convert the currently vacant Little Gym Building to an Apartment Building with eight (8) total apartments as of right.

Proposed use:

Applicant proposes (i) to consolidate 230 Haverford Avenue, 228 Haverford Avenue, 234-250 Haverford Avenue, and the Parking Lot Parcel, (ii) to demolish the existing one-story retail buildings contained within the parcels located at 230 Haverford Avenue, 228 Haverford Avenue, and 234-250 Haverford Avenue, and (iii) to redevelop two (2) new three-story mixed use apartment buildings, along with associated improvements, as shown on the plans submitted herewith. The new three-story buildings are proposed with ground floor retail and a total of nineteen (19) new one and two bedroom apartments on the second and third floors (hereinafter, the “New Development”). In accordance with the requirements of Section 500-301.C(7), Applicant will provide two (2) 550 sf units which is based on the 17 units proposed in the larger building of the New Development.1

The existing two-story building contained within 234-250 Haverford Avenue (i.e., the Old Firehouse Building) is proposed to remain with retail on the ground floor and two (2) new apartments on the second floor as of right.


  • Lot area: 59,462 SF
  • Lot width: 247 FT
  • Lot depth: 196 FT
  • Building SF:
  • First floor: 14,822 GSF
  • Second floor: 14,607 GSF
  • Third floor: 13,890 GSF
  • Building height: 36’