Stormwater Management

Municipalities are required under State Law to maintain a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit (MS4). MS4 permits are renewed periodically through the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). As time passes, DEP refines and improves pollution standards that municipalities must attain to receive a permit. Most recently, municipalities have been required to demonstrate how they are reducing the amount of pollutants in runoff that enters the stormwater system. To address this the Borough Engineer, in partnership with Council and staff, has developed a draft Pollution Reduction Plan, currently pending approval by DEP. The plan presents a strategy for meeting the permit-mandated goals over the 5-year permit period. Although the plan calls for specific project types, the Borough maintains discretion as to exactly where and when these improvements are made. 

Permit Application Information

Report a Concern

To report a stormwater concern (runoff, erosion, debris in inlets, etc.) please contact 610-664-2840 x105 or submit a request for service.