Impervious Coverage Reminder for Homeowners

Residential Property Owners,

If you embark on any new landscape design and hardscaping projects this spring and summer, please keep in mind the Borough’s definition and standards of impervious cover. 

Most residential lots in Narberth are permitted maximum impervious coverage of 60%. Since impervious cover includes structures (including eaves, roofs, and roof overhangs); paved parking spaces, driveways, and roads; buildings, sidewalks, patios and decks, you may find that if you add *new* surfaces (this includes paving stones, gravel, and crushed stone), you will be exceeding the maximum impervious cover for your lot. 

Do not rely on your contractor to be familiar with Narberth’s code and definition of impervious cover – save yourself a potential headache (and waste of money) by checking your lot coverage before you go through with the project. Exceeding the maximum impervious coverage standard risks causing stormwater drainage problems on your property and your neighbors’ properties – and may trigger a review by the Borough zoning officer and a notice of violation. 

Check the maximum impervious coverage standard for your lot in the Narberth Borough Code here:

If you’re unsure about what’s permitted or have any questions, please reach out to Zoning Officer Kevin Walsh at