Narberth Avenue Bridge Closed to Vehicles – Effective March 6, 2019

Due to the continuing deterioration of the structures supporting the sidewalks on either side of the bridge, Borough Council approved the closure of the bridge to vehicles so that pedestrians can continue to have a safe way to cross over the train tracks. A follow up inspection by the Borough Engineer on March 7, concurred with the decision to close the sidewalks pending a thorough hands on inspection to be performed by PennDOT in April.

We will evaluate those results and make any changes to the status of the bridge pending considerations of public safety, cost, and feasibility of a number of different solutions. We take our responsibility for the safety or people crossing the bridge and the rail passengers below very seriously.

The Narberth Avenue bridge will be replaced with a new bridge, scheduled for construction in 2020. Please stay tuned to www.narberthpa.gov and join our email list to stay informed.

Narberth Theater

You don’t need to be an architect or design professional to appreciate buildings- their beauty, scale, materials, and what it feels like to be inside or walk past one of the many landmarks we have in Narberth. Take a look at this handsome drawing of the front elevation of the Narberth Theater and its easy to tell how much care and thought goes into designing buildings. Dated April 6, 1927 these plans were approved and the building is now more than 90 years old, adapting to new uses and creating a recognizable landmark that spans generations.

Narberth Dickens Festival 2018

Event:             The Narberth Dickens Festival

Date:               Sunday, December 2, 2018, Noon – 4pm

From:              The Narberth Business Association

Location:        Downtown Narberth, Forrest Ave & Haverford Ave


Website: www.narberthonline.com/dickens-festival

The Narberth Dickens Festival is the biggest holiday festival on the Main Line, where downtown Narberth transforms into 1840s London for one December afternoon every year. The event includes period street vendors and food, caroling, musicians, costumed performers, puppet shows, dance performances, ice sculpting, carriage rides, and much more. Kids join in the free scavenger hunt to search for costumed Dickens characters like Scrooge and Tiny Tim, and win a great prize. Easy access to Septa Regional Rail – 3 stops from 30th St Station on the Paoli/Thorndale line.

The Festival will be bigger and better than ever this year.  The Narberth Business Association is bringing back all the crowd favorites, and expanding with new activities and performances as well.  See the website for times and more information at www.narberthonline.com.

The 2018 event includes:

  • Ebeneezer Scrooge and all the characters from “A Christmas Carol”
  • costumed performers
  • a free scavenger hunt for kids with Dickens Fest prizes
  • horse and carriage rides
  • musicians
  • carolers
  • Men of Harmony men’s choir
  • outdoor dance performances
  • hands-on children’s crafts
  • ice sculpting exhibition
  • puppet shows
  • Magicians
  • Vintage Flea Circus
  • Nutcracker performances at the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet
  • artisan vendors
  • nineteenth-century street food
  • hot toddies and hot chocolate

For photos, interviews, and more information, feel free to contact Ed Ridgway at narberthonline@gmail.com.

Message from Narberth’s Mayor

Hi All, we have been working very hard this year to update our Narberth Police Department to make it the best department it can be. A major part of this improvement is the addition of our new Chief of Police, John Gallagher, who has been coordinating with myself as your Mayor, Borough Council and the Borough office to develop updated policies and plans of action to keep us well protected and safe in Narberth. If you have not already met our Chief (or even if you have), I would like to invite all members of the community to a Meet and Greet with Chief Gallagher next Tuesday, November 13, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Borough Hall. Come on by for some light refreshments and introduce yourself.

Message from the Chief of Police

Please be aware of the following regarding traffic safety in the Borough of Narberth:

  • Pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk
  • 25 MPH is the maximum speed limit
  • Come to a complete stop at all stop signs
  • Stop on red at all traffic signals
  • Use turn signals, when required
  • Turn headlights on at night and during rainy/snowy conditions
  • Double parking is prohibited
  • Park along streets, avenues and roadways with the flow of traffic, not against

In the interest of keeping all those who live, work and play in our Borough safe, especially children and senior citizens, Narberth police officers are constantly engaged in proactive traffic enforcement with the purpose of deterring bad driving throughout our community.  Please know that officers take a zero-tolerance approach towards careless driving, and that speeding is strictly prohibited.  Traffic citations will be issued for any and all moving violations, when warranted.


Thank you for supporting the Narberth Police Department.

John Gallagher
Chief of Police
Narberth Police Department

Narberth Borough Fire Engine Donation

(From left) Narberth Fire Chief Fran Dixon, Narberth Mayor Andrea Deutsch, Bill Addis

The Borough of Narberth and the Narberth Fire Company are donating their 1982 Emergency One Pumper to the Cedarville Fire Company of Cedarville, Arkansas. This is a rural community which was in acute need of an engine but didn’t have the financial resources to buy a new truck. The engine that is being donated has faithfully served Narberth and the surrounding communities for more than 35 years and served at incidents from the Kiddie City blaze to the tragedy at Merion Elementary School. We wish the citizens of Cedarville well going forward and hope they get more years of protection from a fire engine that always did it’s duty for our residents and our community.
-Fran Dixon, Narberth Fire Chief

Message from the Chief of Police

Preventing Theft From Autos

There are many things that can be done to target-harden vehicles in order to help police stop theft from autos in our community.  Such crime prevention measures are as follows:

  • Use off-street parking, if available (e.g., driveways)
  • When parking on the street, select well-lit areas
  • Remove all valuables from the interior (e.g., car keys, house keys, cash, coins, laptops, cell phones, etc.) before leaving the vehicle
  • Equip vehicle with an audible alarm system

However, the most important thing that can be done to avoid becoming a victim of theft from auto is….


Please contact me if there are any questions and, remember, we are here to serve you.

Thanks for supporting the Narberth Police Department.

John Gallagher

Chief of Police

Narberth Police Department

The Borough Administrative Office is Hiring

Due to a pending leave of absence, the Borough is looking to fill the position of Administrative Assistant on a temporary, full-time basis. We anticipate the duration of the engagement to range between 12 and 24 weeks. The person in this position will be responsible for a variety of administrative functions in compliance with State and local codes, and ensures that these services and programs are provided efficiently and effectively. He or she will mentor under the direction of the Office Manager for a short period of time before taking over the duties of that position.

If you or someone you know is interested in a short term engagement and would like to learn about local government administration, please forward our information and job ad under the employment opportunities page of our website.

Narberth2040 Comprehensive Plan Open House

Thank you to everyone who attended the Narberth2040 Comprehensive Plan Open House on October 12th!  For those who were unable to attend, we want to hear your input on the plan’s draft principles, goals and recommendations which have been developed thus far.  The principles are the themes of the comprehensive plan, which collectively form the plan’s overarching vision for the future.  Each principle is supported by a set of goals and recommendations.

Click here to find the posters from the event.  We encourage you to participate in the open house’s voting exercise by selecting three goals which you believe are the highest priorities for each principle (so you get to vote for three goals per principle).  Additionally, please feel free to send us comments on any of the specific draft goals.

Please email your votes and comments to Jack Byerly (jbyerly@montcopa.org) and Maggie Dobbs (mdobbs@montcopa.org).