Narberth Borough Fire Engine Donation

(From left) Narberth Fire Chief Fran Dixon, Narberth Mayor Andrea Deutsch, Bill Addis

The Borough of Narberth and the Narberth Fire Company are donating their 1982 Emergency One Pumper to the Cedarville Fire Company of Cedarville, Arkansas. This is a rural community which was in acute need of an engine but didn’t have the financial resources to buy a new truck. The engine that is being donated has faithfully served Narberth and the surrounding communities for more than 35 years and served at incidents from the Kiddie City blaze to the tragedy at Merion Elementary School. We wish the citizens of Cedarville well going forward and hope they get more years of protection from a fire engine that always did it’s duty for our residents and our community.
-Fran Dixon, Narberth Fire Chief

Message from the Chief of Police

Preventing Theft From Autos

There are many things that can be done to target-harden vehicles in order to help police stop theft from autos in our community.  Such crime prevention measures are as follows:

  • Use off-street parking, if available (e.g., driveways)
  • When parking on the street, select well-lit areas
  • Remove all valuables from the interior (e.g., car keys, house keys, cash, coins, laptops, cell phones, etc.) before leaving the vehicle
  • Equip vehicle with an audible alarm system

However, the most important thing that can be done to avoid becoming a victim of theft from auto is….


Please contact me if there are any questions and, remember, we are here to serve you.

Thanks for supporting the Narberth Police Department.

John Gallagher

Chief of Police

Narberth Police Department

The Borough Administrative Office is Hiring

Due to a pending leave of absence, the Borough is looking to fill the position of Administrative Assistant on a temporary, full-time basis. We anticipate the duration of the engagement to range between 12 and 24 weeks. The person in this position will be responsible for a variety of administrative functions in compliance with State and local codes, and ensures that these services and programs are provided efficiently and effectively. He or she will mentor under the direction of the Office Manager for a short period of time before taking over the duties of that position.

If you or someone you know is interested in a short term engagement and would like to learn about local government administration, please forward our information and job ad under the employment opportunities page of our website.

Narberth2040 Comprehensive Plan Open House

Thank you to everyone who attended the Narberth2040 Comprehensive Plan Open House on October 12th!  For those who were unable to attend, we want to hear your input on the plan’s draft principles, goals and recommendations which have been developed thus far.  The principles are the themes of the comprehensive plan, which collectively form the plan’s overarching vision for the future.  Each principle is supported by a set of goals and recommendations.

Click here to find the posters from the event.  We encourage you to participate in the open house’s voting exercise by selecting three goals which you believe are the highest priorities for each principle (so you get to vote for three goals per principle).  Additionally, please feel free to send us comments on any of the specific draft goals.

Please email your votes and comments to Jack Byerly (jbyerly@montcopa.org) and Maggie Dobbs (mdobbs@montcopa.org).

Message from the Chief of Police

Ben Hoffman has informed me that he will be resigning his position as a school crossing guard before the end of 2018.  Ben is at his corner faithfully every weekday throughout the school year.

As a retired volunteer firefighter with the Narberth Fire Department (NFD) of 35 years, a crossing guard for more than five years, and a current member of the NFD Board of Directors, he represents what is best about this borough.

It is the students, parents and teachers at Rockland & Woodside Avenues who will miss him the most.

Even though I have only been here for a short time, it has been my honor to get to know Ben and work along with him in service to this great community.  Please join me in thanking this veteran of the United States Navy for all of his years of service to the Borough of Narberth.  Thank you, Ben.

John Gallagher

Chief of Police

Narberth Police Department

Message from the Chief of Police

Please meet our police personnel….

Police Officer Matthew Belfi

Matt has been with the NPD for four years.  He was a Philadelphia police officer for eight years and has been a proud member of the Army National Guard for 22 years.  Matt is a college graduate, a certified pilot and is currently working on a master of science degree.  He is married with two children.

Police Officer Daniel Dutton

Dan joined the NPD only three months ago.  He was a Darby Borough police officer for 18 months and a Chester County correctional officer for almost a year.  Dan is a graduate of West Chester University and the Delaware County Municipal Police Academy.  He was recently married.

Police Officer Kelly Lynn

Kelly was born and raised in Narberth and has been serving her community for almost seven years.  She worked in public safety and security in Montgomery County before joining the NPD.  Kelly graduated from the University of Tampa and the Montgomery County Municipal Police Academy.  Her husband is also a police officer.

Police Officer Sean McCabe

Sean has been with the Borough for more than seven years.  He was a Philadelphia police officer for eight years and was promoted to the rank of corporal in that department before joining the NPD.  Sean graduated from Villanova University.  He is married with three children.

Police Officer Michael Vernacchio

Mike is the longest-tenured officer with more than nine years of service to Narberth.  He also served in law enforcement before the NPD as a deputy with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.  Mike is a graduate of Delaware Valley University and the Montgomery County Municipal Police Academy.  He is married with three children.

Parking Controller Robin Mazzanobile

Robin lives in Narberth and has been working for the Borough for 26 years.  She is also the Vice President of the 4th of July Committee and is actively involved with the Narberth Athletic Association, St. Margaret’s School CYO and the Boy Scouts of America.  Robin attended Eastern University.  She has four children.

Crossing Guard Bernhard Hoffman

Ben resides in Narberth and has been a crossing guard for the Borough for five years.  He was a volunteer firefighter with Narberth Fire Department for 35 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors.  Ben is a veteran of the US Navy.

Crossing Guard Clodagh Meath

Clodagh, who is from Ireland, now calls Narberth her hometown.  She has been a crossing guard for the Borough for 14 years.  Clodagh worked in the insurance industry for ten years and was a volunteer with the New Horizons Senior Center.

Remember, we’re here to serve you.

Thank you for supporting the Narberth Police Department.


John Gallagher

Chief of Police

Narberth Police Department

Sabine Avenue Tree Pruning Update

Public Works has scheduled necessary tree pruning and removal work along the North side of Sabine Avenue for Thursday, October 18, 2018. The parking spaces in the MELC lot facing Sabine Avenue will be closed for the day Thursday 10/18/18. Sabine Avenue and the driveway into the parking lot will remain open for the day. The tree scheduled for removal at the corner of the parking lot will take place just prior to 8am, again Sabine Avenue and the driveway to the MELC parking lot will remain open.

Tree pruning will continue through mid afternoon Thursday in the closed portion of the parking lot and in portions of Sabine Park. All work is scheduled to be completed Thursday October 18. A raindate of Tuesday 10/23 is set and I will let everyone know if this becomes necessary.
Public Works will provide support staff to assist with traffic.

I thank everyone for their patience as we complete this necessary work. Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Ed Harman
Director Public Works
Borough of Narberth
100 Conway Avenue
Narberth PA 19072

Message from the Chief of Police

I am honored to be the Chief of Police for this great Borough and I am proud to lead such professional police officers as we serve all those who live, work and play in Narberth. Even though my tenure here has been brief, I quickly learned from my officers that one of the biggest challenges which we have to deal with in this department routinely is getting residents and visitors to call for police assistance, when necessary.

Please dial 9-1-1 to report crimes in progress, emergencies, illegal activity, suspicious activity, sexual assaults, domestic violence, drug use/transactions, auto accidents, disturbances, fights or any other matter for which police assistance would be needed. Narberth police officers are well-trained law enforcement professionals who possess the skill sets and have access to law enforcement resources to provide the help that is needed.

All calls for police service must go through the 911 Center at Montgomery County Communications. County call takers will prioritize the call for dispatch, as needed, and send a police officer to that location via emergency or non-emergency response.

Remember, our mission is “to protect and serve” you. Again, please dial 9-1-1 and we will be there for you. Thank you for supporting the Narberth Police Department.

John Gallagher
Chief of Police
Narberth Police Department