Council Nears Decision on Changes to Permit Parking Program – Public Input Requested

Timing: Council may choose to vote to formally advertise these changes at its November 2 Workshop Meeting. If that occurs, Council could vote to adopt these changes at its November 15 Business Meeting or at a subsequent meeting. The effective date of these changes is still to be determined but it will not be before January 1, 2024. 

Who Does This Affect: These changes apply to blocks that already have 2-hour parking restrictions. No new 2-hour parking restricted areas are being added. If your block doesn’t have 2-hour parking restrictions, or if it has parking meters, these changes do not affect you. 

Highlights of Changes for Blocks with Existing 2-hour Parking Restrictions 

  1. Creation of Neighborhoods: Central, North and South. A residential permit will allow you to park your car anywhere in your Neighborhood; currently, you can only park on your block. Click here to see a map with the neighborhood boundaries.
  2. Standardized enforcement periods:
    1. Central – 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday (see Note below for exceptions)
    2. North – 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday
    3. South – 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday
  3. New administration system: Residents with current parking stickers will need to reapply for a residential parking permit as the stickers are being swapped out for a license plate-based administration system. 
  4. Updated residential permit fees; annual fees will be:
    1. $10 for the first permit
    2. $20 for the second permit
    3. $50 for the third permit
    4. $100 for the fourth permit
  5. Updated guest pass provisions
    1. Residents will still be able to obtain a daily or weekly pass on behalf of their guests, but they will no longer be able to obtain a monthly pass; there is no charge for these passes; there is no limit on the number of passes per household.
    2. Residents can obtain one physical hangtag per household; the fee is $75 for one year. 

Note: The enforcement period for the following streets in the Central Neighborhood will also include 8am to 8pm on Saturdays: Dudley Avenue, Forrest Avenue, Iona Avenue (300 block only), Woodbine Avenue (from Iona to Montgomery Avenue). 

Want to Know More or Have Comments? 

For more details on these changes as well as a description of the process for residents to request the removal or addition of 2-hour restricted parking to their block, click here.

For the draft ordinance and resolution presented to Council at its October 5th Workshop meeting, click here:10_5_2023 Draft Ordinance for Meeting Packet.docx10_5_2023 Draft Resolution for Meeting Packet.docx. Other than filling in the highlighted sections in the documents and changing the enforcement period for the Central Neighborhood, no other substantive changes are expected to be made. 

Please send your feedback to the chair of the Ad Hoc Parking Committee, Barbara Fortner, at