Missed Collection – Yard Waste, Recycling or Trash

If you have any trash related issues, please do the following to get it resolved:

  • Start by contacting Republic at 610-265-6337;  You may be asked for an account number.  You should explain that you’re part of Narberth Borough’s municipal contract, or you’re welcome to try and provide this account number: 3-0324-9324018.
  • If Republic is unable to take your complaint, or fails to act on it in a timely manner, please contact the Borough office for support.
  • The Public Works Department will then handle the disposal if Republic fails to collect the rescheduled pickup.
  • Republic is fined per the service contract.
  • If you experience recurring problems with trash service even if Republic addresses them (for example if you have to call for a missed pickup on a regular basis) please also let the Borough know, info@narberthpa.gov.