Shade Tree Commission – Vacancy

Narberth Borough has one seat available for the Shade Tree Commission. If you are a resident of
the Borough and are interested for the volunteer position, please submit a volunteer application form to prior to the Thursday, September 8, 2022, deadline.

Shade Tree Committee – 1 appointment
Length of term = 5 years
The five-member committee develops programming and budget
recommendations for the long-term preservation and enhancement of Narberth’s
tree canopy.

Volunteer Application Form

Desired experience and qualities –

1. Experience in horticulture, landscape architecture or landscape design, ecology, arboriculture and similar professions are preferred, but not necessary. A love of trees and this community are most important.  Tree-related knowledge or expertise is very helpful, but we can provide basic training through Tree Tenders/other sources. 

2.  Aside from tree-related expertise, we could also use someone who is interested or has experience in managing volunteers, managing data/GIS abilities, communications/graphics expertise, writing abilities and community engagement. Basically, when we do our tree plantings, we need to do a TON of coordination and just plain talking to residents and volunteers. You don’t need to be a tree expert to do that stuff. 

3. This may sound silly, but it really helps to have members who know a lot of people in the community. That’s how we get trees planted, through relationships. 

Expectations – 

1. Meetings – we typically meet 11 times per year, usually skipping one summer month. We expect members to attend at least 9 meetings.

2. Tree planting days – we plant trees twice a year, the weekend before Thanksgiving and a spring weekend around earth day (dates set by PHS).  We prefer members be able to participate in both plantings, but honestly, most of us have missed a planting day here or there.

3. Other work as assigned – coordination and communication w/ Borough staff, residents, and volunteers (especially in weeks leading up to planting days). Creating content for the website, borough blast, instagram, etc. Additional meetings w/ borough staff, residents, etc on an as needed basis.

4. General availability- we expect members to read and respond to emails, texts, phone calls a few times a week/ as necessary. 

5. Training – we expect all STC members to complete PHS’ Tree Tender training within their first year and become a certified tree tender.  We didn’t include any training $ in our budget, but PHS doesn’t cost a whole lot, so the Borough should be able to cover it.