Volunteer Opportunities

Narberth Borough has the following opportunities in 2023. If you are a resident of the Borough and are interested in any one of the following volunteer positions, please fill out a Citizen Board Appointment Application and email it to appointments@narberthpa.gov prior to the Wednesday, December 7, 2022, deadline. Council will make appointments at a subsequent business meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Carroll at mcarroll@narberthpa.gov or 610.664.2840 Ext 102.

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Narberth Civil Service Commission – 1 appointment

Length of term = 6 years

The three-member Civil Service Commission creates rules and procedures and acts upon the same for the recruitment of and disciplinary actions regarding police officers employed by the Borough.

Environmental Advisory Council – 3 appointments

Length of term = 3 years

The Environmental Advisory Council shall serve for a term of three years and will advise local government agencies on matters dealing with protection, conservation, management, proportion, and use of natural resources including air and water resources located within its territorial limits.

Historic Architectural Review Board – 2 appointments

Length of term = 3 years

For functions and duties of the HARB, please visit https://bit.ly/3BamtAC. Members shall be persons with demonstrated knowledge of and interest in the history, architecture, culture, or heritage of the community and the preservation of Historic Districts.

Human Relations Commission – 1 appointment

Length of term = 5 years

The duty of the Human Relations Commission is to protect citizens against discriminatory practices. 

Narberth Industrial Development Authority – 1 appointment

Length of term = 5 years

The members of the Narberth Industrial Development Authority are charged with approving the use of its tax-exempt bonding authority for projects that enhance employment, the economy and the general wealth of the Borough of Narberth and the greater metropolitan area of which it is a part.  We analyze requests for tax-exempt financing to make sure that the use of the funds benefits this broad public interest. The NIDA also considers and approves/disapproves of the use of the fees, which are paid to the NIDA in connection with the bond issuance. The Borough Council refers projects to the NIDA to be paid for with these fees.

Parks and Recreation Board – 1 appointment

Length of term = 4 years

The Recreation Board serves as an advisory body to Borough Council on issues related to parks and recreation and will refer their conclusions, recommendations, and opinions to Borough Council for appropriate action. 

Narberth Planning Commission – 2 appointments

Length of term = 4 years

The five-member Planning Commission acts under the direction of Borough Council to develop plans and solutions for land use, environmental, transportation, and related community development issues. The Commission also reviews and makes recommendations to Council on proposed subdivision and land development in the Borough.

Police Pension Fund Trustees- 2 appointments

Length of term = 3 years

The three trustees may, with the approval of Council, appoint such persons or corporate fiduciaries as they deem necessary to manage, administer, maintain and invest the Police Pension Fund. The trust shall be managed and administered under an appropriate deed of trust to be prepared by the Borough Solicitor and approved by the Borough Council.

Shade Tree Committee – 1 appointment

Length of term = 5 years

The five-member committee develops programming and budget recommendations for the long-term preservation and enhancement of Narberth’s tree canopy.

UCC Appeals Board – 1 appointment and 2 alternates

Length of term= 3 years

The board of appeals hears and rules on appeals, requests for variances and requests for extensions of time under the building code. A member of the board of appeals shall be qualified by training and experience to pass on matters pertaining to building construction. Training and experience may consist of licensure as an architect or engineer and/or experience in the construction industry.

Zoning Hearing Board – 2 appointments

Length of term = 3 years

The Zoning Hearing Board will hear and makes decisions upon appeals where there are perceived errors, special exceptions, and variances from the zoning code.

Vacancy Board – 1 appointment

Length of term = 1 year

In the event of a vacancy in an elected Borough office, such as a council person, if the Council is unable for any reason to fill any vacancy within 30 days, the vacancy shall be filled within 15 additional days by the Vacancy Board.